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We should exercise. We should launch that product. We should be a different type of person.

“Should” is one of the worst words that exist in the English language, right above “regret” and below “addiction”. Its the worst kind of excuse for not doing something important. It just says “I know what I must do, but I’m not willing to do it.”

Should is a modal verb, meaning that it is the type of word that refers to whether something necessarily happens, possibly happens, or is an impossibility. “Should” means that something is expected, but circumstances might justify deviating from doing what we say we want to do. And that’s exactly what “should” does: it gives you an out for not doing something.

“Should”s are optional. The main problem with “should”, to put it crudely, is that “should” doesn’t light a fire under your ass. It doesn’t motivate you the way something does if you must do it. It doesn’t have the power of motivation because it just represents a possibility.

“Should” does not represent commitment, seriousness, or necessity. And if you’re neither committed to, nor serious about, nor driven by the absolute need for a given goal, then that idea is in dire straights. You’re not going to succeed,  especially if its ambitious enough to classify as a startup.

So forget what you “should” do and stop fooling yourself. Better yet, find it within yourself to transform that “should”. Do what you must do instead.

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  2. Undoubtedly a very good quality post.

  3. The fastest secret weapon to success is usually to look just as if you’re playing by somebody else’s rules, while quietly playing by your own.
    Happiness will not result from doing easy work but through the afterglow of satisfaction which comes after the achievement of an struggle that demanded healthy.


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