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From TechCrunch: Image of Evernote on the iPhone 4

First, either read this TechCrunch article or read this short summary:  basically the iPhone 4 is launching in four days, and Techcrunch wrote an article outlining the 11 iPhone apps, out of over 250,000, that are ready to support the new features. They were ready, and as soon as they heard Steve Jobs unveil the iPhone 4, they new exactly what types of features would be relevant and how to implement them.

And now, just 12 days later, just four days to go til launch, and these are the top 11, the top .00044% that seized the moment and made it happen. When you’re one of the first entrants into an arena the press is already in a frenzy about, then you’ll realize that this kind of publicity is hard to buy. All because they busted their ass for two weeks during a critical time for their field. (That is, when Apple’s servers literally were shut down from all the traffic from the 600,000 people that have pre-ordered the new iPhone as of 6 days ago).

Now watch this video, and make the parallel yourself. Tell me afterwards if you’re not fired up.

Right? Right?

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